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Position: Western Demo Kit

Western Demo Kit

Western Demo Kit

The Azure Flash Western Demo Kit uses a proprietary set of reagents to achieve complete membrane blocking, rapid hybridization of antibodies, and enhancement of chemi signal in less than an hour of blotting time. The included transfer buffer cuts wet transfer time down to 15 to 30 minutes for a total assay time of two hours from gel to imaging.


● Fast protocol with few hands on steps

● Antibody stabilization for enhanced chemi signal

● Low background and increased signal to noise ratios

● Increased detection sensitivity and linear dynamic range


Contains enough reagents to perform one 9x7cm Western blot from transfer to detection and imaging.

Each kit includes:

* HeLa Control Lysate (1mg/mL), 50μL

* MW Marker, 10μL

* 1 PVDF Membrane

* Control Primary Antibody Solution (Rabbit or Mouse), 250μL

* Buffer A, 1mL

* Buffer B, 50mL

* Buffer C, 20mL

* Buffer D, 500μL

* Buffer E, 50mL

* Radiance Substrate, 10mL