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Position: Radiance Plus Substrate

Radiance Plus Substrate

Radiance Plus Substrate

Chemiluminescent substrate for the most sensitive Western blotting experiments
Radiance Plus is designed for sensitive detection and low antibody concentrations. With low background and a strong, long-lasting chemiluminescent and chemifluorescent signal, Radiance Plus is the best choice for quantifying low-abundance bands.
Radiance Plus is the most sensitive HRP substrate available from Azure for chemiluminescent Western blotting. With attomole sensitivity and a long-lasting signal, Radiance Plus allows you to detect bands not visualized with other substrates. High signal-to-noise and a large dynamic range make it ideal for quantifying low-intensity bands.

  • Features

    ● Detect low-abundance proteins

    ● Low background for high signal-to-noise ratio

    ● Long-lasting signal


Part Number Name Description Size
AC2103 Radiance Plus Femtogram-sensitivity HRP Substrate – contains substrate for 1500 cm2 membrane 150ml