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Position: AzureSpectra Labeling Kits

AzureSpectra Labeling Kits

AzureSpectra Labeling Kits

AzureSpectra Labeling Kits

Fast and simple antibody labeling

● Easy and fast—The fluorescent antibody labeling kit provides the materials necessary to fluorescently label the antibody of your choice in less than 1 hour

● Label primary antibodies—use antibodies that your lab has already validated and optimized. Labeled primary antibodies can then be used for direct Westerns.

● Label secondary antibodies—secondary antibodies can be labeled for traditional indirect Western blot applications

● Choose from 5 dyes—the non-overlapping emission spectra of the fluorophores available for labeling means you can easily perform multiplexing


Part Number Name Description Size
AC2185 AzureSpectra Labeling Kit – 490 Each kit includes sufficient reagents for labeling of 2 x 50 μg of antibody. 1kit
AC2186 AzureSpectra Labeling Kit – 550 ● Labeling Buffer 1kit
AC2187 AzureSpectra Labeling Kit – 650 ● Dye solution 1kit
AC2188 AzureSpectra Labeling Kit – 700 ● Quenching solution 1kit
AC2189 AzureSpectra Labeling Kit – 800 ● Neutralization buffer

● Two G-25 columns