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  • Contact:北京深蓝云生物科技有限公司
  • Phone:010-57256059
  • Address:北京亦庄经济开发区经海四路BOX企业汇25号院2号楼3层
  • Zip Code:101111

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About Us

Company Introduction

Beijing Cycloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing users with the latest life science research-instruments and analytic products, along with optimized, overall solutions.

Cycloud Bio, possessing professional technical and application support, and relying on the world's cutting-edge life science products and solutions, focuses on providing analytical products with complete pre-sales consultation and after-sales service for clients.

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We are looking forward talented people to joining Cycloud, providing strong and powerful tools for Chinese biological researchers.

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Beijing Cycloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Room 201, Floor 2, Unit 2, Building 2, NO.25, Jinghai fourth road, Beijing Economic and Technological Development zone, Beijing 

Cycloud Singapore Pte LTD.

78 Hougeng Ave 7,
Florida #12-31 SS34260


Zip code:100176(Daxing)