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  • Contact:北京深蓝云生物科技有限公司
  • Phone:010-57256059
  • Address:北京亦庄经济开发区经海四路BOX企业汇25号院2号楼3层
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  • Quantitative-- The only system in market that have powerful fluorescent LED imaging compatible with Cy5, Cy3 and Cy2 or similar dyes. Azure’s laser also more closely matches the excitation maximum of IR 700 and 800 dyes.
  • Multifunctional—A variety of flexible application (chemiluminescence, fluorescence, DNA / protein gel)
  • Fully Upgradeable--All models can be easily upgraded to accommodate additional applications.
  • Miniaturized--Intuitive operating software, compact design
  • Model:C150C200C280C300C400C500C600
  • Four solid state lasers as excitation sources
  • Three different detection modes to deliver ultimate applition flexibility:APD、PMT and CCD
  • Improved multiplex fluorescent detection
  • Chemiluminescent imaging,higher sensitivity(femtograms)
  • Broad linear dynamic range for accurate quantitation
  • Ease of use with intuitive control software
  • Model:Sapphire NIRSapphire RGBSapphireRGBNIR
  • An Automated Microscope that your entire lab can use.
  • A simple, powerful interface, eliminates your learning curve.
  • Excess controllers, cables, and power supplies are removed.
  • Cables, controllers, and power supplies are housed within the microscope to remove clutter and ensure connectivity.
  • Superior Optical Performance.
  • Advanced Capabilties Built for Discovery.
  • Model:Revolution
  • Combines the strength of strength and inverted microscope. convenient small, more than a machine.Small, convenient, and multifunctional
  • Three ways of observation: Brightfield, Phase Contrast and Fluorescence. Compatible with living cells observation, pathology, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and fluorescence in situ hybridization.
  • Traditional eyepiece is replaced for easier viewing. In microscopy, image quality is paramount and an iPad tablet provides beautiful, crystal-clear views through its world-class retina display.
  • iOS-based Echo app, making the software more human
  • High light intensity and stable LED. Ready to use right out of the box. Fewer damage to the sample, low light bleaching. More environmental friendly.
  • Modern approach to data management, including cloud integration, and wireless and tablet mobility
  • Model:RevolveRevolveFL
  • Versatile: Full selection of objectives and condensers for viewing glass slides, hemocytometers, petri dishes, well plates, and flasks in BRIGHTFIELD and PHASE CONTRAST.
  • Simplified Workflow: iPad Pro used for control, visualization, collaboration, image acquisition and data management. Full circular FOV(field of view) as seen through conventional eyepieces. No Learning Curve
  • Improved ergonomics: Eyepieces have been removed to eliminate eye strain.Remote Focus Knob to easily control coarse/fine focus and capturing images. Adjustable height table with flush mounted stage for improved workflow.
  • CAMERAS Anti-Shake feature: 8MP CMOS color camera, Leverages built in accelerometer to minimize vibrations prior to capture .
  • Model:Rebel
  • Fully automated design: easy to use, further minimized human operation
  • Fully enclosed: Sample is joined with special chip and sealed entirely. No cross-contamination.
  • Micro-flow device: The sample automatically generates and tiles 25000-30000 uniform droplets.
  • 3-color channels:FAM…/VIC…/Cy5…three fluorescence channels for multiplex assay
  • crystal droplets inspection:visual inspection to the single droplet
  • compatible with Evagreen, TaqMan probe and the likewise fluorescence assay
  • Model:NaicaTMCrystal Digital PCR System   

    naica® Crystal Digital PCR Systems

  • Technology Sharing:
  • Ao Absorbance Microplate Reader, wavelength range from 340 to 750nm,
  • Including the oscillator, touch screen and 5 standard filters (405,450, 492, 595, 630 nm).
  • Applicable to most ELISA experiments and Bradford, Lowry and other experiments.