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Position: Azure ChemiWriter ECL

Azure ChemiWriter ECL

Azure ChemiWriter ECL

Chemiluminescent pen for blot annotation
A chemiluminescent marker that enables you to write or draw on your transfer membranes, resulting in a chemiluminescent signal on your markings once substrate is added.


● The ChemiWriter ink contains a reagent that reacts with HRP substrates to produce chemiluminescence and also a blue dye to allow you to see markings as you write on the blot.

● There are two heads to the pen, a fine point tip and a thicker chisel point tip. We recommend using the fine point tip to annotate the blot and mark protein ladders for detection.

● The chisel point of the pen can be used to deposit an increased amount of reagent on the blot for more intense signal.

● For best results we recommend annotating your blot after transfer and before starting your Western blotting protocol.

● Once annotated, the blot may be stored dry or wet, refrigerated or at room temperature. The Azure ChemiWriter ECL reagent and blue ink markings on the blot are stable for at least 3 months.

● The ChemiWriter should be stored tightly closed at room temperature.


Part Number Name Description Size
AC2146 Azure ChemiWriter ECL Chemiluminescent pen for blot annotation 1 pen