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Cell observation, uncomplicated


Is it enough that you can see the cells on the microscope in the cell culture laboratory?

Normally, we just use a microscope to observe the cell state. If you really need pictures, you need to use a microscope outside the cell culture laboratory to take pictures. Is this way of working really reasonable?

Every time a photo is taken, the cells must be taken out of the cell culture laboratory. After the photo is taken, it is necessary to walk a long distance before bringing it back to the cell culture laboratory. Doesn't this have any effect on the cell state and growth?

Every time you perform a cell count, you need to observe the cells with a microscope and then count them on a cell counter. Can’t you directly observe and then count the cells?


All this can now be changed, Echo Rebel microscope unique design makes it sufficiently compact, lightweight, and do not need to configure your computer, use the IPAD PRO image display screen, only the size of a book you can put down the entire machine to help you complete the Observe the whole process of imaging.

Use the software based on IOS system to simplify the photographing process and speed up the photographing speed, help you obtain the best image quality in the least time, and reduce the influence of the photographing process on the cells. The Rebel microscope is small enough that it can be placed in an incubator for observation. It is connected to the IPAD wirelessly, and can be observed and operated outside the incubator to further reduce the impact.


Rebel software can not only observe the cells, cell counts can also add functionality to address the observed and cell count separate the problem, further help users save time and effort. At the same time get an accurate count result.

Echo Rebel 正倒置一体显微镜

Rebel is equipped with an 800W pixel high-speed camera that can perform video recording, remote observation and other functions to help you monitor your cell status in real time, obtain long-term cell dynamic changes and movement, and can also realize multi-screen sharing and other functions.。

The Rebel microscope uses a unique retinal screen full-field technology, with built-in eyepieces to redefine the observation method, and the microscope innovatively combines an upright and inverted microscope into one, breaking through the traditional limitations. It can meet different sample observations with only one revolution.


▲ Echo Rebel Microscope