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Cycloudbio gene- π Digital PCR school - nucleic acid absolute quantitative analysis and application training camp (Beijing station) successfully ended!

On May 13, 2021, Gene-π digital PCR training camp completed at Peking University Medical Innovation Valley, Beijing by Beijing Cycloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The training was held in the form of theory combined with practice, focusing on the core contents of digital PCR principle system, experimental operation, result analysis, system development of digital PCR technology in advanced therapy and absolute quantification of standard substances, etc., which was well received by the participants.

The innovation and development of digital PCR technology has provided a brand new idea for precise quantification of nucleic acids and genetic testing, which can achieve absolute quantification at the single cell/single molecule level. Currently, this technology has achieved breakthrough applications and developments in many fields such as individualized tumor diagnosis and treatment, gene editing, liquid biopsy, pathogenic microorganisms, advanced cell therapy, gene therapy detection and other cutting-edge life science research, clinical medical testing, and drug development.

The camp provides a detailed introduction to the third generation digital PCR technology and naica®️digital PCR technology, the application of naica®️ digital PCR system in absolute nucleic acid quantification technology and advanced therapy, and the application in biologics safety testing, as well as hands-on exercises.

▲ The experts are doing a wonderful sharing

▲ Experimental operation

As a French company that is the pioneer of the head enterprise technology of digital PCR, Stilla Technologies proposes an online learning resource center for digital PCR in 2019,, to provide an effective way for experts and scholars who use and will use digital PCR technology The Gene-π Digital PCR offline hands-on training class is also available to provide a complete service and optimized application solutions.

naica® digital PCR system

naica®digital PCR system,uses sapphire chip as the only consumable to form a 2D array of 25,000-30,000 droplets for PCR amplification experiments in a single-layer tile method. After the completion of the reaction, three channel imaging is performed to obtain the accurate absolute number of nucleic acids. Results can be obtained quickly within 2.5 hours.