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Gene- π Digital PCR School: the reliable tool for accurate detection of the viral load of digital PCR (Beijing station) has been successfully completed!

On April 13, 2021,CYCloud Gene - π Digital PCR Camp - Digital PCR Viral Load Precision Detection Tool (Beijing Station) was successfully held at the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention. To better serve the users, this training course was held in the form of theory combined with practice, focusing on the core contents of digital PCR principle system, experimental operation, result analysis, and accurate viral load detection, which was well received by the users.

The innovation and development of digital PCR technology provides a brand new idea for precise nucleic acid quantification and nucleic acid detection. It can provide more accurate nucleic acid quantification than qPCR without standards and standard curves, read positive signals directly, and obtain the absolute copy number of target genes by Poisson distribution correction with high sensitivity and accuracy.

The camp provided a detailed introduction to the third generation digital PCR technology and naica®️ microdrop-on-a-chip digital PCR technology, the application of pathogen detection in naica®️ digital PCR nucleic acid absolute quantification technology, the experimental design of viral vector absolute copy concentration digital PCR assay, especially the use and result interpretation of the one-step digital PCR new coronavirus detection kit. Hands-on exercises were also conducted.

▲ The experts are doing a wonderful sharing

▲ Experimental operation

Stilla Technologies, a French company that is the pioneer of digital PCR head enterprise technology, proposes an online learning resource center for digital PCR in 2019 - - to provide an effective way for experts and scholars who use and will use digital PCR technology The Geneπ digital PCR offline hands-on training class is also available to provide users with a complete service and optimized application solutions.

naica®Digital PCR System

naica®digital PCR system, with Sapphire chips (fully automated) or Opal (high-throughput) chips as consumables, forms a 2D array of 25,000-30,000 microdrops for PCR amplification experiments in a monolayer tiling format. The reaction is completed with a three- or six-color channel assay of the microdroplets, resulting in absolute quantification of the starting nucleic acid concentration. within 2.5 hours, results are available quickly.

Digital PCR Camp

For your convenience, we offer the Geneπ Digital PCR Academy ( Entry), where you can select the application tutorial of your interest, which contains a detailed workflow from experimental design to data analysis. You can also search directly for specific items ("DNA preparation for dPCR", "fluorescence spillover", etc.) by using the search navigation tool, or click on our "HOW TO" to select the section you need (design, analysis, reporting).