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Gene-π Digital PCR Learning Center: the quality control system of digital PCR quantitative medicine advanced treatment (Chengdu Station) has come to a successful conclusion!

On July 7, 2020, the Gene-π Digital PCR Learning Center-a quality control system for digital PCR quantitative medical advanced treatment (Chengdu Station) was successfully held in Tianfu Life Science Park.

In order to let the majority of clinical and scientific research workers better understand the digital PCR technology, this training camp focuses on the core contents of the third-generation digital PCR technology, experimental operation, result analysis, quantification of advanced treatment quality control systems, liquid biopsy, and quantitative application case analysis of standard substance, etc.

The combination of theory and practice attracted participants from hospitals, third-party clinical testing centers, scientific research institutions, molecular diagnostic companies and other institutions. The venue was full of seats and received unanimous praise from the trainees.

This training camp is the Gene-π Digital PCR Learning Center -a quality control system for digital PCR quantification of advanced medical treatments. It is hosted by the China Medical Biotechnology Association Genetic Testing Technology Branch, Chengdu Tianfu Life Science Park, and Translational Medicine Network. Undertaken by Apexbio Biotechnology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Beijing CYCloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

First of all, the technical experts (Beijing CYCloudbio)introduced the principle of the third-generation digital PCR technology and NaicaTM multi-channels crystal digital PCR system, and then the digital PCR solution in advanced treatment, the system development of digital PCR technology and the absolute quantification of reference materials were introduced. The digital PCR experimental operation demonstration and result analysis were carried out.

Naica™ digital PCR technology is a highly sensitive digital PCR solution, for the next-generation of gene detection and nucleic acid quantification technology. The Naica™ digital PCR system has a unique three-color detection capability that can detect multiple nucleic acids in the same reaction. Easy to operate,fast response, results can be obtained within 2.5 hours. It is a brand-new innovative technology that is completely different from similar products on the market. The Naica™ digital PCR system supports a wide range of genetic testing and molecular biological analysis, including liquid biopsy viral load testing, prenatal screening and GMO testing, etc. And is the preferred technology for medicines combination and efficacy monitoring in precision treatment.

Special Guest

Ms. Weiying Zong, a biological product management expert from the Nutrition Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Huzhou Shenke Biotechnology Co., Ltd., shared the importance of digital PCR absolute quantification and the application of Naica™ digital PCR in the detection of residual DNA and RNA in biological products.

Experiment demonstration

Experiment analysis

Digital PCR (dpcr) is a new technique for accurate quantitative analysis of nucleic acid molecules. It uses absolute quantitative method and does not rely on standard curve and reference sample,and directly detect the copy number of target sequence, which has high sensitivity and specificity.

Digital PCR has shown good application prospects in many clinical fields, such as liquid biopsy, organ transplantation injury assessment, noninvasive prenatal screening, molecular diagnosis of pathogenic microorganisms, quality control and result verification of the NGS library. In the research of cell therapy, gene therapy and immunotherapy, the quality control system is very important, and the absolute quantification of target nucleic acid is helpful for intuitive and effective index quantification.

Digital PCR can improve the resolution of low-frequency events and has the advantages of inhibitor tolerance. In translational medicine, life science, there are innovative research and application. At the same time, multiple fluorescence channels and visual quality control ensure that more reliable data can be obtained and more information can be obtained under the condition of limited biological samples, and the detection ability and work efficiency are significantly improved.

Next, 2020 Gene-π Digital PCR Learning Center will be launched Suzhou, Guangzhou and other cities Please stay tuned!