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Molecular detection scheme of closed digital PCR and real-time fluorescent PCR

A novel coronavirus timeline in Wuhan, Hubei

The 2019-nCoV is a betacoronavirus .. It is a pathogen that causes respiratory and intestinal diseases, and belongs to RNA virus. Coronavirus isolated from lower respiratory tract of patients with unknown causes pneumonia in Wuhan is a novel coronavirus of the genus β.

Collect upper respiratory tract samples, lower respiratory tract samples and serum samples, etc;

◐ 2019 -nCoV nucleic acid was detected by RT-PCR;

◐ Only when RT-PCR is not available, serum blood is recommended for diagnosis;

◐ The confirmed patients should also repeatedly collect respiratory samples for nucleic acid detection in order to confirm whether the virus is cleared;

◐ Nucleic acid detection can be carried out in the BSL-2 facility。

In view of this coronavirus infection, how to carry out a complete set of pathogen molecular biological detection in the laboratory?

At present, novel coronavirus infection patients are the most important ones. Because of the long incubation period of this virus infection, a large number of incubation period patients can not be detected by conventional methods due to the low viral load in vivo, thus delaying the treatment. In response to novel coronavirus infection caused by severe acute respiratory infection, the WHO gave a real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR detection program in January 17th. Nucleic acid quantification based on PCR is one of the fastest methods for virus detection.

【Information provided by China CDC Institute of viral disease prevention and control】

Cycloud Bio goes all out!

The staff of Cycloud Bio and the first-line scientific researchers fight against the new coronavirus in 2019 together, providing a molecular detection solution in time and providing 7 * 24 hours of technical support.

We can provide multi-channel CieloTM fluorescence quantitative PCR system, hypersensitive and automatic Naica Crystal digital PCR system, as well as a complete set of nucleic acid extraction kits and RT-PCR mix.

Multi-channel CieloTM fluorescence quantitative PCR system can realize on-line centralized data processing and monitoring, multi machine combination, 3 / 6 fluorescence channel, without Rox correction. Hypersensitive and automatic Naica Crystal digital PCR system can quickly detect 48 samples in 2.5 hours, with real and reliable data.

For virus infection, we must eliminate the virus from its source.

KeyProTM KP100 can remove the pollution of virus and bacteria within 5 minutes.

Echo Revolve/Rebel All-in-one Automatic microscope, can quickly complete the microscopic examination of pathogens.

Key points to prevent virus infection

☆ Wash hands frequently

☆ Pay attention to personal hygiene

☆ Wear masks properly

☆ Avoid contact with wild animals

☆ Get medical treatment in time if you feel unwell

☆ Avoid places where people gather

At present, the cold weather is the best time for the virus to spread. We must do our own protection. Believe that the medical staff who stick to the front line, we cross this storm together!