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Fighting novel coronavirus, you have a way, I have the instrument!

In order to fight 2019-nCoV, Cycloud Bio is willing to provide you with 5 sets of free trial of Azure CieloTMreal-time fluorescence quantitative PCR system, which can work continuously for more than 1000 hours, and provide free technical support and after-sales support, until the epidemic is overcome.

Product features:

◐  Touch screen and intuitive user interface, easy to operate.

◐ Host can be controlled independently, software can be monitored remotely.

◐  The results of 1000 consecutive experiments were highly consistent.

◐  Compatible with a variety of dyes and plates.

◐  Remote monitoring of operation status and analysis results.

Cq values of 1000 qPCR experiments (GAPDH quantification) were run continuously At Azure Cielo,

1000 qPCR experiments (GAPDH quantification) were run continuously and the standard deviation

of Cq mean value and Cq value were calculated continuously.Cq=22.4±0.01。

Cycloud Bio provides 5 free trial Azure CieloTM Real Time PCR fluorescence quantification systems

and free technical support services.