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About mask disinfection, keypro has something to say

The new coronavirus has been raging in our country for a month. Previously, due to the swine fever epidemic, the price of pork had risen rapidly. Pork becomes a topic for everyone . But masks have become a hot topic at the end of the year.Especially in the frontline medical staff, there is a big gap in protective resources. Masks are one of them. Is there a suitable method for anti-virus treatment of masks?

In the fifth version of the trial, the coronavirus was sensitive to ultraviolet light. This is not a weird thing, ultraviolet light has always had a germicidal effect.

Principle of UV sterilization: UV destroys the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in cells, causing DNA strand breaks, cross-linking of nucleic acids and proteins.And some related literatures point out that UV has a small impact on the protective ability of masks, and can be used for disinfection of masks under the current shortage of materials.

Ultraviolet is a good disinfection method. Keypro uses dual UVC-275nm and UVA-365nm, the maximum irradiation intensity is 5W / cm2, the irradiation dose can reach 300J / m2, the virus is quickly killed in 5min. strong ultraviolet rays can completely kill the virus in the mask and achieve the effect of secondary use.

In addition to this applications, virus nucleic acid testers will also be exposed to the virus and there is a risk of infection. It is mainly used for sterilizing bacteria, viruses and RNase on microplates, pipettes, water, metals, ceramics, plastics, glass and others.

Product features

▷ 5min completely kills viruses, bacteria etc

▷ Touch screen operation, easy to use.

▷ Fast and high throughput.

▷ Stable and consistent results.

▷ Reduce the cost of laboratory consumables.

▷ Integrated workflow