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Ditigal PCR | Gene-π digital PCR learning center school begins!

Digital PCR, the next generation of DNA amplification, is based on partitioning the fully assembled PCR mix into thousands of individual reaction compartments prior to amplification. Nucleic acid molecules are thus distributed across partitions, and amplified separately, alleviating any potential competition, and enabling absolute quantification of the DNA or RNA molecules.

This extremely sensitive technology has already proved its reliability in applications such as Absolute Quantification (no need for standard curves!), Rare Event Detection (for example quantification of tumor-derived sequences in liquid biopsies), Gene Expression and miRNA quantification, exquisite discrimination in Copy Number Variation (CNV), and Next Generation Sequencing Library Quantification, amongst many others… Digital PCR is fast becoming a mainstream technique in all labs, from academia to biotech and pharma to industry.

Gene-π developed by Stilla Technologies in France is a unique platform available for all scientists interested in digital PCR, from newcomers to experts. This center aims to provide the latest information to enable users to learn the essentials of digital PCR while remaining instrument agnostic.:

To learn about digital PCR, you can choose to follow tutorials specific to your application of interest, which contains detailed workflows, from experimental set-up to data analysis. You can also directly navigate to specific items (“DNA Preparation for dPCR”, “Fluorescence Spill-over” etc.) through the search navigation tool, or explore our “How To” section (set-up, analyze, and report). Join us!!

As a third generation digital PCR technology platform, NaicaTM crystal digital PCR system increase the effective droplets among 25,000 to 30,000 per reaction and can visualize to the single droplet for inspection and tracking.

The system is highly integrated , less human interference, and quickly achieve the result within 2.5 hours. Click the picture for detail information.